My greatest passion, apart from technology, is music. I have experience in music production and I can work with DAW software, such as Cubase and Logic Pro X. My debut single was released in May 2017. The 2-Track edition was released in January 2018 as a CD and digital download. My second single was released in May 2018.

2018 Single Cover

Ако Ще Ти Мине

Written by: Norton Andreev, Martin Biolchev, Marieta Angelova & Hristina Andreeva

Release Date: May 11, 2018
℗ © 2018 Norton Andreev

2018 Single Cover

Плащам Да Гледам

Written by: Andrey Strigachev, Martin Biolchev & Anastasia Mavrodieva

Release Date: May 31, 2017
℗ © 2017 Norton Andreev


Apart from working on my own music projects, every year since 2010 I have been releasing a playlist with my favourite songs from the past year. These are the latest ones:

New Rules

new rules (2018)

Release Date: July 6, 2018

The Aftertaste

Sweet Nothing: The Aftertaste (2017)

Release Date: April 6, 2017

Sweet Nothing

Sweet Nothing (2016)

Release Date: July 22, 2016

Follow Me

Follow Me (2015)

Release Date: July 21, 2015