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I am a Software Engineering student at the University of Sheffield, UK. I am currently on my placement year, which I am doing with GE Aviation Systems in Cheltenham. My main responsibilities are software development in C#, developing new features, bug fixing and verification. As part of my course at University, I have studied various topics, such as machine learning and pattern processing, human-machine interaction and robotics, artificial intelligence, functional programming, algorithms and data structures, computer architecture and networks, automata, computation, complexity and more. I have experience in software development, both at and outside University, including working with clients, capturing requirements and team work in a competitive environment, object-oriented programming and web development. Because of my hard-working nature, I have achieved first-class performance for the first and the second academic years. Apart from programming, I also have experience in music production, graphic design and desktop publishing. I am an easy-going person, always looking for opportunities to try new things, visit new places and meet new people.

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I am working on a website redesign which will be released by the end of the year. Apart from a modern, more up to date design and a more intuitive layout, it will also bring various performance improvements. It will be extended with a personal blog where I will be sharing more about the software projects I work on, will give exclusive information about my music and upcoming songs, will show pictures from my travelings and more. Currently, the new website is in Beta testing and the latest version can be accessed from the link below, in case you want to try it out. You can use the contact form (or send me an email directly) to report any bugs you might find or any suggestions you might have. It will be very much appreciated and I am also willing to give one of you an Amazon voucher for the time spent, once the new website has been officialy released.

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