BENG Software Engineering with a year in Industry, University of Sheffield

  • First year result: First

  • Modules taken: Introduction to Software Engineering (84%), Java Programing (73%), Machines and Intelligence (74%)
    Devices and Networks (68%), Web and Internet Technology (85%), Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (75%)

134 "Dimcho Debelyanov" Hebrew and English Language School, Bulgaria

  • Result: 5.82 (equivalent to A*AA) with A* in Informatics, A* in Information Technology, A in Mathematics


  • Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, Python, Haskell

  • Computer Architecture and Networks

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Markup languages: HTML, CSS

  • Templating engine: ERB

  • CMS: Squarespace, WordPress

  • Database: SQL Lite

  • Testing: Junit

  • Revision Control: Git

  • DAW Software: Apple Logic Pro, Cubase

  • Design: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC

  • Office Applications: Apple iWork, Microsoft Office

Engineering-related Experience

Software Engineering Group Project, 2017 - 2018

  • Built using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Sinatra and Ruby

  • Developed the user interface of the project

  • Successfully coordinated and motivated the team members

  • Supported a member who was struggling to finish his tasks

  • Team mark of 88% and an individual mark of 93% were achieved

Global Engineering Challenge, January 2018

    • Cross-faculty engineering group project

    • Task: ability to use sophisticated software in Kibera, Kenya

    • Actions: used PESTLE and SMART analysis to better understand the context of the problem,
      conducted a research, did a ball park estimation, evaluated several design concepts

    • Result: developed final design, report and presentation were produced and presented

    • Gained experience in properly assessing given engineering problem, analyzing it and coming up
      with suitable solutions while working in a team

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Member of Sheffield Mentors; mentor of two first-year students

  • Member of University of Sheffield Computer Science and HackSheffield societies

  • Experience in Music Production

  • Experinece in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

  • Taken part in the International Congress for Environmental Leadership in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Taken part in the Jewish youth movement "Hashomer Hatzair"

  • Taken part in an International festival for Media Art - "Harlequin" - which is held annually in Varna, Bulgaria.

  • Participated in a radio project – “Crossing Borders – understanding the others”, held in Berlin, Germany.
    Conducted a research that gave an overview of the public opinion about the different religions and the refugees.
    Actively participated in building a podcast based on the findings.

  • Responsible for a daily broadcasted music program in high school

  • Contributed to a charity market