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"Za Teb" is out now

Today, my latest single, named "Za Teb" ("For You"), was released. I started working on this project at the end of 2017. For every music project that I release, I want to do something different from the previously released work. I was thinking what should I go for this time and, as it was Autumn time, I thought that ballad will be interesting. In general, I find ballads very hard to make. Mostly because, in order for a ballad to be good one, it has to be able to "touch" the listener. The song is about finding real love. The person, you know you are going to match with, but you still have not found yet. I discussed the initial idea with the lyricist Marieta Angelova, who is one of the biggest professionals in the area in Bulgaria. She liked the idea and we made the lyrics together. For the arrangement and the recordings I worked with Martin Biolchev, who has been next to me since the beginning of my ideas to start writing music, back in 2013. I really hope that you will like the song as much as I do. Not only because I have been working on it for a long time, but also, because it tells a personal story.

Stream now.

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Along with the single, there is a new playlist which is with the same name as the song. It includes 16 ballads - my favourite ones since 2015 until now. My latest playlist with ballads was released in 2016 and was one of my favourite projects. This is my fourth ballads playlist, after "Edno" (released in December 2013), "Vsichko Se Vrashta" (released in December 2014) and "Nevazmozhno Shtastie" (released in December 2016).

Stream now.

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