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"Turbulence" is out now

I am very excited to announce the release of my new playlist — "Turbulence". While I have always been an active music listener, the last few years of my life have been related to songwriting which made me even more involved in the genre. I have been following the tendencies throughout the years. Unfortunately, after 2016, the quality of the production released started going downhills. So much so that, in the past year, I only had 6 Bulgarian songs in my Top 100 most listened to songs for the year.

However, last year things changed and there were so many good tracks. This is also manifested by the number of songs included in the playlist this year — 66 which is the most since the 2014's playlist "Няма Да Съм Аз". Most of the singles included are produced by the songwriters Daniel Ganev and Deyan Asenov. I wanted to mention their names, as they are those who reenvisioned the music, introduced new sound, and as a result reversed the negative trends.

The title track was released in June and has gained over 36M views so far. The song is by Emilia and features the Romanian star Florin Salam. The producer is one of my favourite ones – the Grammy-nominated Costi Ionita. Turbulence immediately became a hit in both Bulgaria and Romania. The amazingly directed and produced video became the most viewed music video in Bulgaria for 2021. "Бой, Бой" by Tsvetelina Yaneva comes second in the tracklist. As I have been listening to it daily since its release in March 2021, I am not surprised that it was my most listened to song for the past year. My fourth single, "Аз Съм Един", is also part of the project.

When it comes to artists, as expected, Galena was among the most successful ones with several major hits included in the playlist — "Тръпката", "Ти Не Си За Мен", "А+Г=Внл" featuring Azis, and "Къде Беше Ти". As mentioned in my article on the music released in 2021, Tedi Aleksandrova has been an artist whose music I have never really liked, however, in 2021 she was one of the most productive Bulgarian artists. She released an album, multiple music videos and, in general, dramatically showed an improvement in her music's quality. Some of her songs included in the playlist “Автомата”, “Цак-Цак”, and “Ало, ало”. There are also new artists that are included in a project of mine for the first time. The most notable ones are Simona with five song, as well as Adam and Paloma with three. Some of the others are Leo, Tiña, Bilyanish, Antonio, and Enna.

The artwork was planned and designed for a third year in a row with my favourite designer — George Steffanov (efoffdesigns). He has also been making the artworks for most of the singles released during the past years. I love his style and each of his pieces of work demonstrates exceptional creativity. While the artworks for the last two projects were in darker shades, I wanted to change the tone this year and have a joyful overall feel. The artists on the cover were carefully selected:
  • Emilia, as the title track is by her
  • Tsvetelina Yaneva, as she is the singer of my favourite song of the year
  • Medi, as he became one of the most recognisable Bulgarian artists in the past two years
  • Simona, as she is a new artist who managed to release four high-quality songs within a year, which is a very rare occurrence even for the biggest music stars
I also wanted to have artists on the artwork who were not featured in the previous two compilations we worked on.

listen now

Turbulence is now available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.


  1. Emilia, Florin Salam & Costi - Turbulence
  2. Tsvetelina Yaneva - Бой, бой
  3. SIMONA - Deja Vu
  4. Medi - Рана
  5. Krisko & Galena - Тръпката
  6. Tedi Aleksandrova & Emanuela - Дърпай я
  7. Djulia - Ножът
  8. Leo - Да Се Влюбиш
  9. Malkata - Аномалия (feat. Alexander Robov)
  10. Yanitsa - Таратайка
  11. Преслава - В твоето легло
  12. Dessita - Драконови Нерви
  13. Galin - Viva la Noche
  14. Antonio - Playroom
  15. Tiña - Да гърмим (feat. Tedi Aleksandrova)
  16. Bilyanish - Няма те, няма
  17. Iliyan - Името Ти
  18. Paloma - Здравей
  19. Adam - Твоите Измами
  20. Boni - Стриптийз
  21. Diona - Филмарка
  22. Roksana & The Editor - Djelem Djelem (The Editor Original Remix)
  23. Fiki - Не ти прощавам
  24. Magda - Двойник
  25. Desi Slava - Токсичен
  26. Emanuela - Подводница
  27. Galena - Ти Не Си За Мен
  28. Tedi Aleksandrova - Ало, ало (feat. Monkey)
  29. Aria - Хеликоптер
  30. Iveta Kostova - Някой друг
  31. Norton Andreev - Аз Съм Един
  32. Galin & SIMONA - Vendetta
  33. Emrah - Един на милион
  34. Anelia & Paloma - Влез, влез
  35. Djena - Чуй ме
  36. Преслава & Lidia - Горчиви истини
  37. Alisia - Прощавам Ти
  38. DONIKA - Да Съм Твоя (feat. Galena)
  39. Gery-Nikol - Бутай
  40. Enna - Трудна За Убиване (feat. Leo)
  41. Tedi Aleksandrova & Ilian - Автомата
  42. Krisko - Balenciaga Kuchek
  43. Adam & SIMONA - Agapi Mou
  44. Yanitsa & Bilyanish - Топ любовник
  45. Liyana - Изхвърли ме
  46. Toni Dacheva - Непознати
  47. Galena & Azis - А+Г=Внл
  48. Djulia - Чашата преля
  49. Emanuela - Направо в коша
  50. Tedi Aleksandrova & Emrah - Обичам те
  51. Lidia, Dessita & SIMONA - Земетръс
  52. Gia - Паля
  53. Tiña - Шамар
  54. Roksana - Ederlezi (Sae Roma)
  55. Ilian Boyd - Правя Си Душата
  56. Tsvetelina Yaneva & Medi - Филм За Нас
  57. Antonio - Твоите сълзи
  58. Galin & Adam - Нито Ял, Нито Спал (feat. Danna)
  59. Emrah - Евала
  60. SIMONA - Момиче От Лед
  61. Yanitsa - Налей си
  62. Paloma & Tedi Aleksandrova - Цак-цак
  63. Emanuela - В чуждите легла
  64. Alisia & Leo - Ти Си Ми Живота
  65. Galena - Къде Беше Ти
  66. Djena - Моят номер

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