Norton Andreev

Trip to the USA

From 4 to 28 of April I visited my cousin and hers family in Chicago. This is my second time being there - my previous visit was in August 2016. As it was shortly before the exam season, I had to focus on University work. However, we found time to have some fun.

Downtown Chicago is always fun to visit, especially with like-minded people. Although the weather was not very warm (it even snowed a few times), we got lucky and had some very nice weekends. We went for a walk around Lake Michigan, visited Starbucks and Apple Store (which is a must for me, no matter where I am) and went to different shops. Of course, we also took lots of selfies. I met new people, friends of the family members I was visiting.

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We also went to Six Flags which is kinda obvious place to go if you like theme parks (as I do). This time it was much less crowded than the last time, so I could actually go on more rides. There was a new roller coaster - The Joker - which was opened a year after my previous visit to the park. Apart from going on that, I managed to ride the "Goliath", which I could not get on the last time, because of the queues. It was very nice experience this time, as my cousin is now older, so she went on most of the rides with me.

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As mentioned earlier, I had to do lots of Uni work, but still I managed to relax and take a much-needed break. I am very thankful to my cousin and hers family, as they have always been so nice and hospitable. Looking forward to meeting them again soon! 

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