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The first website update for 2021 brings major improvements


A Third Year page, which contains information about all of the modules I have taken during the Autumn semester, is now available. It is scheduled to be updated in the Summer to cover all the modules taught in the Spring semester. The "CV" page and the "About Me" section on the home page have been updated as well.

articles filtering

The "Archive" page now contains filter which allows for the blog articles to be filtered by category and year.

redesigned footer

Yet again, the footer has been redesigned. The new version better matches the look of the website. Furthermore, social media icons are slightly larger in order to resolve accessibility concerns related to mobile devices.

performance improvements

The website now runs on the newly released Rails 6.1 and Ruby 3.0. Internal testing have shown dramatic load time improvement in some circumstances.


Some of the other improvements are redesigned tables layout, as well as better error handling if an image cannot load.

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