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Scientists have proven that lockdowns are ineffective

When I was telling people lockdowns are not helpful and only kill more — most went against me. Now the scientists from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise are the ones to confirm it. This is even more important, when knowing that scientists from John Hopkins have been collecting and reporting the COVID data from around the world from day one. The opinion of everybody who supports the green passes and trusts the vaccines will also be dismantled in the same way (it already is by many scientists, but I hope more publicity will be given in the following months).

The paper can be found here Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality. It is probably not surprising that the mainstream media has failed to inform the public about the results, with CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WaPo completely avoiding the study. Media in my home country, Bulgaria, has also failed to cover the story. Instead, they have been inviting pseudo-scientists to propagandise the green passes and the vaccination against Covid.

My view is that everybody who supports, or have supported, lockdowns or any of the restrictions imposed has direct involvement with the death of thousands, if not millions. Thus, I am happy I have been avoiding such people because they have shown to either be cowards, ignorant or want to get personal gain out of the situation with the sacrifice of those suffering. Unfortunately, the pandemic will not go away, as these people will continue to believe in what they have so far — all the evidence against has always been publicly available and, despite that, they still decided not to take it up. The censorship is all over the place and I also do not expect any world leader to come up and say, “I did wrong, my actions killed thousands”. Nobody likes to admit their mistakes and, during my lifetime, I have seen very few people, if any, who have done so.

People have shown that having a meaningful discussion is not an option, which meant I had to filter some out of my life. The fascist restrictions that were brought with the pandemic have resulted in behaviour and life changes in many that I had only heard about in books and movies — including friends attempting suicide. My life has also crumbled down and I have been suffering from anxiety disorders throughout the past two years which directly affected my productivity and lifestyle.

I have had Covid as I have antibodies. However, I did not know up until the point I decided to get tested. Conversely, all my conditions that came with all the restrictions have been around for the past two years and I can feel the troubles they cause me every single day. Coronaviruses are estimated to have been around for the past 55 million years — yet, we are the first ones to make something that big out of it. I just want a normal life for the people around me and myself. For a society to operate normally, many factors must be in place and everything is connected — education, health, economy. People do not understand that we depend on one another and someone being unwell in any way has consequences on us as well. We cannot put everything on hold. This is what prisons are for. I do not feel like I have done anything wrong and I oppose living like a prisoner because someone else has decided that this is the “best” for me!

Nobody has ever talked about the burden on the young during the pandemic — we were left without education and future opportunities, all without an obvious reason or scientific justification. I cannot imagine the younger generation that learns to read and write online. They are the doctors and engineers your life will depend on in a couple of years. There is so much more to this pandemic than those, the very little minority, who suffers or will ever suffer from bad complications because of the virus. Even those who support all the restrictions and believe this is the only way forward might not realise they also experience the same issues as the others. A person can never be happy and mentally well when most of what has once been thought to be a human need has been taken away. Many other health and behaviour related issues follow. It is high time people understood it and stopped terrorising themselves and those around them.

Article photo by freepik

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