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Playlist: Margish Li Levad

I have been planning the release of a playlist with Israeli songs for quite a while. I have come up with the cover last summer and, since then, I have been postponing the release, as I wanted to include songs which I really like. As it is my first Israeli playlist, I wanted it to be varied, so that people, who are not familiar with Israeli music, can "taste" the most of it.

The playlist contains 16 songs, most of which are from the most famous Israeli artists at the moment - Eden Ben Zaken, Static, Ben El, Noa Kirel and Sarit Hadad.


  1. Eden Ben Zaken, סטפן לגר & Static & Ben El - יאסו
  2. Adva Omer - Laazov Pelephonim
  3. Ivri Lider & Tomer Maizner - לרקוד עם דמעות בעיניים
  4. Teapacks & BEMET - BBBBBB
  5. Noa Kirel - בא לי אותך
  6. Moshe Peretz & Amir - בואי נלך
  7. Mergui - Tni Li Rega
  8. Shir Zuares - רק שנינו
  9. Avior Melasa - כמה כמה
  10. Katrix and Doron Beaton - לא משנה לה
  11. Netta - Toy
  12. Sarit Hadad - לא אומרת לו כלום
  13. Eden Ben Zaken - מסיבה
  14. Static & Ben El - בננות
  15. Noa Kirel, סטפן לגר & Arisa - Tikitas
  1. אדל - מרגיש לי לבד

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The playlist is available on Apple Music and Spotify and can be streamed here:

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