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My new website is now live

I have been working on my new website since this Spring. Initially, I was planning it to be a major release, but not a complete re-design. As I started working on it quite early, I wanted to do more and more, so, in the end, the result is a completely new website. As I have spent quite a lot of time on it, I wanted to make it future-proof, so that I could spend less time on it in future. The website is now dynamic, which would make much more features possible. I have taken the best from my previous website and made it more modern. Below are some of the main new features in this release:


The website now has a "Blog" section. During the past year, there were things I would want to share, but could not find an appropriate page on the website, either because a page, related to the content, was non-existent, or just because what I wanted to write about was not too relevant or important to be put in any of the existent pages on the website. That is how I came up with the idea of having a blog section, in which I can share about whatever I want — music and software engineering projects, travelling, personal things and thoughts and more. I hope it will be interesting for the visitors.

new navigation system

Creating a good navigation system is probably one of the major concerns for every web designer. It might look like a trivial task, however, it is one of the features that I think are the most important for every website or application. The new navigation system has two parts — main navigation, which is the same and visible on all pages, as well as sub-navigation which is context dependant on the page the user is on. For example, "First Year" and "Second Year" pages are now part of "University", rather than two different links on the main navigation bar. The sub-navigation is also used for easy scrolling to sections of the current page (for example, on the "Hobbies" page). The main navigation is now implemented using horizontal scrolling which has become very popular lately.

redesigned  HOME PAGE

I have completely redesigned the Home page. The first thing users will see is the new full-width gallery with pictures from my latest photoshoot, taken in London, followed by "About Me" section. Just below that, users can find cards with links to the pages of the website. There is also a whole new section — "Latest From Blog" — which shows the 3 latest articles from the blog. The contact form has been removed, as it has proved to be unnecessary.

design and layout improvements

In general, design changes have been made everywhere across the website. Assignments and projects under "University" pages have a new layout, which is much better optimised for mobile devices. The "Hobbies" page has been redesigned with a new layout for singles and playlists, which are now also split into two sections. "Gallery" page now has always up-to-date full-width gallery with pictures from my Instagram profile. The "CV" page has been updated with the intention to be more interactive. Other changes include larger body font, dark mode improvements and more.

december update

[Added: December 20, 2019]

Just three weeks after releasing the new redesign, the first update is now available. Some of the changes are a new "Latest singles" section on the home page, redesigned "Music" section on the "Hobbies" page, added pagination to the "Archive" page, added social media share buttons to articles, and more. It also brings bug fixes and improvements to the admin section of the website. 

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