Norton Andreev

"Equally Lost" - available on July 10

Every summer, since 2010, I have been releasing a compilation with my favourite songs. Initially, it was mostly about the songs I liked at the point of the release. Over time, I started developing the concept of the project and started working on each compilation for the whole duration of 12 months. This would include "collecting" the songs I might want to include, as well as thinking about the title and the cover. As it is created over the period of a year, I wanted it to be telling the story of my life for that particular time. I also wanted it to be sending a message and to have a meaning. This means I have always been putting a lot of efforts into selecting the best songs – creating a mixture of commercial hits with other songs I like, which might not be as popular, as well as designing the album artwork.
The album I will be presenting this year – “Equally Lost” – is about the challenges, the uncertainty and, in general, about going through life when it is hard. It reflects how I have been feeling during the past year and also how I am feeling about what is coming up next. After facing difficult times, it is always the case that something positive is upon us.
Music has always been my saviour and, especially in those dark times in my life, it has helped me go through it all. I had time to explore new music and this project includes many artists I have never included in my previous compilations. As the album includes variety of genres, I have been thinking how to do it, so that it does not sound like being all over the place, but rather as a complete piece of work which makes sense as a whole.
As I want to reach to as many people as possible, “Equally Lost” will be made available as a playlist on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. Furthermore, a premium physical edition will be produced – and, as usual, it will be a gift to my closest people with whom I would love to share my emotions, embodied in the songs included in the album.

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