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Blog is now merged with the website

As we are getting closer to the official release of the new website, Beta 5 is now available.

The major change is the merge of the blog with the website. Initially, I was thinking of making the blog separate to the website and having it as a different project. However, I decided that this is not feasible, as it would require extra maintenance. What is more, I believe that it fits better in the context of the website and it also makes it more rich in content. This means that the new website will be a dynamic application, rather than a static website. This comes with new possibilities for introduction new features in future, which are not possible with a static website.

Apart from the merge with the blog, the design of the cards have been updated in Beta 5. Now they are more distinctive and also changes have been made so that theirs content is easier to read on mobile devices. There are also various improvements related to the dark mode.

Full Changelog

  • Blog is now merged with the website
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Swiper implemented using CDN
  • Updated cards design
  • New single added to "Hobbies" page
  • "Browser Compatibility" section added to "Accessibility" page
  • "Sticky hover" issue addressed
  • General bug fixes and layout improvements

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