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Blog is now in beta

Blog is now live

Today, the first beta of my blog is available. I have been thinking of creating a blog for quite a while and I am happy that it is finally here. Instead of using platforms that provide blogging features, I decided to build it on my own, so that I can have it fully customisable and suitable for my needs. The blog will be in active development for the next few months, so new features will be added and improvements will be made. Apart from that, I will be adding more articles. I plan on sharing about my University experience and assignments, my freelance projects, everything music-related, more about my trips and, in general, everything that I think I would like to share with you. I would be happy to know what you would be interested in reading, so I accept suggestions.

Norton Andreev 2.0 Beta 4

Apart from the blog, the fourth beta version of my upcoming website release is also available today. Some of the bigger changes are:
  • updated navigation bar
  • new "Latest from Blog" section on the home page, which now shows the latest stories from the blog
  • new, full-width, always up-to-date Instagram gallery 
  • "Music" section in "Hobbies" page is now split into two — "Singles" and "Playlists"
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The code has been re-written, so that the common components can easily be shared between the blog and the website, and also be easily updated when needed. I have decided to follow the BEM methodology, which should also lead to faster parse time and, hopefully, even better performance.

You can preview the new beta here.

Norton Andreev October Update

Finally, there is a small update of my current website. It brings content updates to the "Gallery" and "CV" pages.

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