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2019 in review


I finished my second year at University with a first class grade. There are achievements I am particularly proud of, such as the project I worked on for Software Hut module. During this year I learnt more about web development with Ruby on Rails, robotics, computation and complexity, as well as formal logic. More can be found on the Second Year page on my website.

In June, I moved to Cheltenham for my year-long placement which I am doing with GE Aviation Systems. 


The years started in the music studio, where I recorded my third single - "За Теб". It was released on November 29. Alongside it, I presented a new photo shoot which I did in London. I have also started working on new music projects which I plan to release in future.

I created  6 music playlists with different music genres. One of them was released on a physical CD as well.


From 4 to 28 of April I visited my cousin and hers family in Chicago for a second time.  As it was shortly before the exam season, I had to focus on University work. However, we found time to have some fun. You can read more about how I spent my time there in this article.

As I moved to Cheltenham for my placement year, I had the opportunity to explore more of the South West England, mainly Gloucestershire and Bristol. I also went multiple times to Wales.

I was back home in Bulgaria in June and December. As usual, I attended events, travelled around the country and met friends of mine.


During this year I was Academic and Faculty Representative at University. Because of these roles, I learnt more about the structure of my University. I was also a mentor of a first year computer science student and was awarded an outstanding mentor award.

I developed three websites for clients - ТехНики, Geosoft and the personal website of the artist Vassilen Vasevski. In November, I released my brand-new website which introduced a new design, more content, as well as my personal blog.

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