About Me

Analytical and results-driven professional with experience in designing, developing, and launching technical products. Possesses a background in product management, technical design, and customer engagement. Capable of delivering successful products that exceed customer expectations. Proficient in using advanced technologies and tools to drive product development from ideation to launch. Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve project objectives and optimise product performance. Committed to quality, excellence, and continuous improvement, with exceptional problem-solving skills and a passion for delivering products that make a difference.

Norton Andreev

Commercial Projects

My expertise lies in blending technical skills with a user-centric approach, ensuring excellence in every facet of product development. Collaborating with industry leaders, I am passionate about contributing to innovative, award-winning products. This drives my ambition to continuously deliver superior solutions, setting new market standards.

BWRE Capital – Bonds – Portfolio Page

BWRE Capital Bond Investment Platform

BWRE Capital – May - June 2024

I developed the official BWRE Capital website and the front-end of a comprehensive bond investment platform. This platform allows issuers to raise funds by issuing bonds, with proceeds invested in Money Market Funds and/or Italian Tax Credits through an Italy-based Special Purpose Vehicle. The platform integrates Dusk Network BV’s Dusk Token, enabling investors to enhance returns through a structured yield system tiered by the amount of Dusk Tokens held during the bond's tenure, adding sophistication to the investment strategy.

The project was challenging due to the tight delivery timeline and the integration of third-party services like web3modal for crypto wallet management and Onfido for KYC and AML verification. Despite these hurdles, the platform ensures a seamless investment process, featuring a dedicated Portfolio page that provides clear visibility of bond investments and generated yields. Designed for scalability, the system allows for easy expansion of bond offerings, demonstrating technical proficiency and a commitment to a user-centric investment platform.

Dusk Explorer

Dusk – 2024

I have been integral to the development and release of the new Dusk Block Explorer. This tool offers an enhanced UI, featuring charts, detailed transaction data, and an overview of nodes' geographic locations. The block explorer is designed to run locally in conjunction with a local node, enabling real-time data collection and providing node operators with a dynamic activity dashboard.

The development of the block explorer was driven by a commitment to deliver real-time insights and an intuitive user experience. We have built the Explorer from scratch, focusing on high performance and user-centric design. This project represents a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance blockchain transparency and operational efficiency, positioning our platform at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Dusk Block Explorer

Dusk Web Wallet

Dusk Web Wallet

Dusk – 2023 - 2024

As a Frontend Engineer contractor with Dusk, I started a journey in the Web3 space, beginning in October 2023. I have been involved with Dusk's Web Wallet – a groundbreaking innovation, that addresses complex privacy challenges in smart contracts via a client-side ecosystem. This initiative is critical for Dusk's 2024 Mainnet debut, establishing the scaleup as a leader in privacy and digital integration of real-world assets.

The team has built the Wallet from scratch, in Svelte, adhering to the best coding standards. Currently, we are fine-tuning the product in response to user feedback, boosting performance, and contributing to the ongoing Incentivised Test Network. The project has also shifted to an open-source model, encouraging community involvement.

Couchbase Capella

Couchbase – 2022 - 2023

In my capacity as a Product Front End Engineer at Couchbase, I played a key role in evolving Capella, the company's Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering, enhancing its functionality across AWS, GCP, and Azure. Assuming product management and leadership roles, my contributions were critical in Capella's strategic overhaul and shift from React to Svelte, alongside the integration of new team members.

During my tenure, our team delivered pioneering innovations, such as Capella iQ, an AI coding assistant, contributing to Capella's recognition as the Best Cloud Data Management Solution for 2023-2024 by the Cloud Awards. My efforts also significantly boosted Couchbase's financial growth, with Capella driving a 23% increase in annual subscription revenue to $142.9 million in fiscal 2023.

Couchbase Capella


Years before moving to the UK, I dedicated myself to excelling in high school to study abroad, aiming for a diverse Software Engineering program. I chose the University of Sheffield, drawn by its location, ranking, and comprehensive curriculum. During my university years, I developed a wide range of skills through academic and extracurricular activities and enhanced my research and independent study capabilities. My devotion culminated in graduating top of my class with the highest distinction, receiving the Mappin Medal, as well as the best dissertation project.


Dissertation Project

University of Sheffield – 2020 - 2021

ClimaFever introduces a comprehensive solution for hay fever patients and allergy researchers with its dual-platform offering. The iOS app, market first for its postcode-precise environmental data, provides detailed pollen counts, customized health risks, and updates on air quality and weather, alongside a research-focused questionnaire. Built with SwiftUI and powered by Ambee’s API and ResearchKit, it seamlessly serves users and aids data collection for studies.

For researchers, a Ruby on Rails web application facilitates participant management and data analysis, featuring user management and data export in Excel format. The platform exemplifies cutting-edge technologies used in healthcare research, evidenced by their adoption in institutions like Stanford and Johns Hopkins Universities.

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Industrial Placement

GE Aerospace – 2019 - 2020

During my year at GE Aerospace, as a Firmware Engineer on the Boeing 777X project, I significantly improved efficiency by redesigning a compiler that reduced compile time from 8 hours to 25 minutes, enhancing client productivity. I also adapted a .NET Framework codebase to evolving project needs and developed an advanced automated Test Framework that was integrated into the CI/CD pipeline, improving the development process.

The placement year was insightful, clarifying my career aspirations. I discovered a preference for dynamic settings over formal, long-term projects. Despite this, I gained firsthand experience in working in a highly-regulated, safety-critical environment. The internship honed my adaptability, decision-making skills, and reaffirmed my resilience in facing new challenges.