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I am a final year Software Engineering student at the University of Sheffield, UK. I am currently specialising in iOS app development, cyber security and UX design.

As part of my course at University, I have studied various topics, such as machine learning and pattern processing, human-machine interaction, robotics, artificial intelligence, functional programming, algorithms, data structures, computer architecture and networks, automata, computation, complexity and more. The modules I have chosen for my final year include a broad range of topics, such as text processing, bioinspired computing, as well as software testing, analysis and re-engineering.

I have experience in software development, both at and outside University, including working with clients, capturing requirements and teamwork in a competitive environment, object-oriented programming and web development. I did my placement year with GE Aviation System in Cheltenham. My main responsibilities were software development in C#, developing new features, bug fixing and verification.

Apart from programming, I have experience in music production, graphic design and desktop publishing. I am also a residence life mentor and provide front-line support to over 140 students. I am an easy-going person, always looking for opportunities to try new things, visit new places and meet new people.


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