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I am a Product Software Engineer, currently focused on Capella — Couchbase’s database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering. I work together with a range of teams to elicit requirements, solve challenging problems and deliver beautiful, user-friendly solutions. I have been striving to improve processes and promote better inter and intra-team collaboration in attempts to elevate the product’s quality. The job also allows me to put into practice my User Experience and User Interface Design skills that I have been particularly passionate about, as well as to adopt my product and team management competencies.

Before, I have done a year of application development with GE Aviation in Cheltenham, UK. Some of my accomplishments were a new generation of a compiler that led to a 95% decrease in compile-time compared to the previous one and an automated Test Framework used as part of a CI/CD pipeline to verify the correctness of a set of tools.

I majored in Software Engineering at the University of Sheffield and achieved the greatest Distinction within the Department in the 2020/21 academic session. My dissertation, which consisted of an iOS and a web app, was aimed at researching the impact of climate change on hay fever sufferers. At the time of the submission, the product was the most comprehensive option on the App Store. The work was awarded the highest grade in the cohort — 96%. In my final year, I worked as a Residence Life Mentor and a Computer Science Demonstrator, as I take delight in mentoring others. I was also an academic and a faculty representative.

In my free time, I enjoy writing music, going to the cinema, walking, travelling, meeting people, and participating in activities beneficial for the wider community. I am an easygoing person, always looking for opportunities to try new things and broaden my knowledge.


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